Biker Name



March 26

How long have you been riding for?

3 years

What are you currently riding?

2008 Yamaha R6s

How long have you been a member of DG?

2 years

How did you become interested in a all female MC?

Girls on bikes always was interesting to. I decided to reach out and meet some. See what its all about. 🙂

What got you interested in riding?

A lot of my family rides. I was scared to get on a bike after my uncle died on one. Took me 16 years, I'm ready now.

Where is your favorite place to ride?

Back roads of mass into Rhode Island -twisties 😝

What is the furthest you have ridden? (from Boston)

Haven't realy got out of this area... Farthest would be New York.

Where is one place you would love to ride that you haven't yet?

North Carolina