Biker Name



August 30th

How long have you been riding for?

Since May 2011

What are you currently riding?

2006 Kawasaki Zx6r and 2003 Kawasaki Zx6r

How long have you been a member of DG?

3.5 years - wow.

How did you become interested in a all female MC?

I wasn't specifically interested in joining an all female MC, or an MC at all. However, once I understood a bit more about the MC world and I met the girls and saw who they are, what they do, and how strong their bond was, I knew it was for me and I wanted to be a part.

What got you interested in riding?

My brother. I grew up riding horses, he rode dirtbikes and motorcycles. I always looked up to him and wanted to give it a try.

Where is your favorite place to ride?

The parking lot - to practice stunts. For streets, I like anywhere that is low traffic, with a pretty view. I like to cruise and enjoy my surroundings.

What is the furthest you have ridden? (from Boston)

I'm not much for long distances on a sportbike. The furthest I rode from Boston would be about 4 hours north up through NH to the Canadian border. Never again. Give me some backroads and twisties please!

Where is one place you would love to ride that you haven't yet?

The track!

Any Fun Facts?

My bike happened to be pink and teal (DGMC colors) and my last name happens to be Diamond...tell me it wasn't meant to be? 🙂